In 2020 I embarked on a project as 'artist in residence' at a semi-ancient woodland on the edge of the Dartmoor wilderness in Devon, England. Burnicombe Wood is worked by third generation woodsman, John Williamson and is family, with the aim of re-establishing hazel as the dominant species, Working on a seven year cycle starting with seedling planting and ending with harvesting, John uses traditional methods throughout the process including the use of shire horsepower to haul timber around the woods. He also keeps alive rare rural traditions and crafts, using the resources of the woodland to make charcoal, hurdles & gates, stave baskets and boundary fencing.
My original plan was to chart the woodland environment throughout the four annual seasons but the Covid pandemic interrupted the work which is continuing during 2021. 
The ultimate aim is to stage exhibitions throughout the South West of England bringing Burnicombe's story to as many people as possible.
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